Next Regular Meeting:   Friday, May 13,  7:30 p.m.   Live Oak Grange Hall, 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA   Attendees must be vaccinated.  Masks will be required to attend the meeting.

Presentation: “The Genus Cymbidium” by Ron Parsons.
A presentation of the species of one of the most popular orchid genera in cultivation, this is a close-up look at those plants that initiated a plethora of the popular hybrids. There are more than 80 currently accepted species, and a number of natural hybrids in the genus. Cymbidium grow as epiphytes, lithophytes or terrestrially in nature, from sea level to relatively high elevations. Many of the most commonly available (and some rarities) are featured.Presentation: “The Genus Cymbidium” by Ron Parsons.


Meetings are held the second  Friday of every month  at the Live Oak Grange Hall, 1900 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

Guests are welcome to attend.

Meetings include:

A speaker presentation or panel discussion by an orchid expert(s)

A show & tell table of blooming plants brought in by members who gladly share information on how they grow them.

Chance to win an orchid from the opportunity table.

Light refreshments.